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Name:Caleb Danvers
Birthdate:Jan 31
Location:Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States of America

Background (contains spoilers for movie): Caleb Danvers is descended from one of the the original families that settled Ipswich colony in Massachusetts. From some unknown source, his family and four others have inherited a great Power, a magical ability that is almost absolute. The power passes to the first born son of each generation. When the boy turns 13, he gets a taste of the power, an ability to make things happen as he wills it, to cast some spells, to use the power and learn to master it. Then when he turns 18, he "ascends" and comes into his full power. At this point, the power he can control is almost unimaginable. But, the power comes with a price. It is incredible seductive to be able to do that sort of magic, and highly addictive, and it is also deadly--it drains the user's life force, aging the body more rapidly, and using it up, so that if someone uses the power unwisely, they die young. It was these family's power that was said to have sparked the Salem witch trials, and when they escaped them, they formed a Covenant of silence, swearing not to tell outsiders about what they could do, keeping it in the family, and other rules to keep themselves safe. One family--the Putnams--broke the Covenant, and they were killed by outsiders, so only four remained. Flash forward 300 years to Caleb and his family. Caleb's father fell victim to the seduction of the power, and at 44 years old is a withered old man, unable to even breathe for himself, senile and shaky and barely able to talk. They've told everyone he's dead and he's tucked away at the old colony house, cared for by the family caretaker. Caleb's mother has become an alcoholic, broken by her husband's downfall and her fear that her son will follow a similar fate. Caleb is rapidly approaching 18, as are his three best friends from the other families--Pogue, Reid, and Tyler. They're all seniors at Spenser Academy. This is where the movie starts. A new boy comes to town, Chase Collins, and befriends the four, seeming fixated on Caleb. It turns out he's a descendant of the fifth family, and just as power hungry. He was never warned about the addictiveness of the power and is already addicted. He got his father to will him his power (killing his father) when he ascended--so he has twice as much power as any of the others ever will, and he wants Caleb to will him his power as well, so he can have even more. He thinks somehow this will stave off his breaking down, even though Caleb tries to tell him that it's not the power that runs out but the body. Chase threatens to kill everyone Caleb cares about if Caleb doesn't sacrifice himself and his power for them, and Caleb meets him for a showdown, though he realizes that once Chase has his power, he'll just go after the other boys' for theirs as well, and his death will mean nothing, so he fights him instead. Caleb's mother goes to his father and convinces him to give up his life, willing Caleb his power so that Caleb has twice the power as he ascends and is able to fight Chase off. He wins the fight and Chase disappears, and everyone is safe, for now. But Caleb is now left with not just the power of his own ascension, but his father's power as well, and while he's always been the most responsible of any of them about using power given what he saw happen to his father, there's the question left hanging at the end of the movie of whether that will still be the case, now that he's got a taste of what it really means to hold that much inside him.

Personality: One of the other characters in the movie describes Caleb as "genuinely good guy." While the other boys all live at the boarding school and party with the rest of the students, despite being local families, Caleb lives at home so he can take care of his alcoholic mother. He runs errands for her, and takes care of his father, as well, visiting him even though the man doesn't seem to know who he is, and Caleb believes he never even loved him. He's quiet, for the most part, but carries himself with an easy confidence lent him by the Power--a knowledge that nothing can really hurt him, at least physically, except for himself (until Chase comes to town). He's careful, though, always aware of what the cost is. Everytime one of the other boys uses Power, Caleb is the voice of caution, reminding them of the addictiveness, the consequences. He has to be talked into every use of it, except in defense of himself or others, when he will use it. But where Reid, especially, will use Power frivolously, Caleb won't, afraid of the addiction, taking the lesson of his father to heart. He promises his mother repeatedly that he is not him. He's a teenage boy in some ways--wanting to get the girl he likes to like him, competitive on the swim team, loving to play foosball and hit the parties on the bluff--and a man beyond his years in others with the burdens he's shouldered too young. There's a melancholy about him the others don't share, a solemnity he carries. His father's actions have scarred him, taken away his childhood, and there's a real fear of ending up like him, no matter how much he denies it.

Physical Description: 6'2"; lean, well muscled swimmer's build; short black hair; brown eyes; clean cut; clean shaven.

Point of entry into hearts_andminds: Post-movie.

Disclaimer: This is a journal for RP and ficlet writing purposes only. Caleb Danvers is a character from the movie The Covenant, written by J.S. Cardone and produced by Screen Gems, Lakeshore Entertainment, and Sandstorm Films. I do not own him and no infringement is intended. Caleb is played by Steven Strait. I am not him, either, nor sadly, do I know him, though the world would be a better place if I did. :)

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