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Pogue: *has a headache*

Caleb: *pokes his head in, small smile, very soft* You awake?

Pogue: *cracks one eye open* Depends. Didja bring me anything?

Caleb: *holds up a teddy bear with an innocent smile, other hand still outside the room*

Pogue: *soft/weak laugh* *serious* How's Kate?

Caleb: *smiles* She's fine. All better. *frown* Hasn't she been by?

Pogue: *confused frown* I don't think so? Dunno. Been kind of hazy the past couple of days.

Caleb: Yeah, I can imagine... *comes in, sitting in the chair next to the bed, and putting the real present, a stack of bike magazines on the bedside table* For when your head feels better.

Pogue: *grins at him as best he can* My hero. *flash of realization, comprehension, tries to sit up* What happened.

Caleb: *shrugs* It's taken care of.

Pogue: *gives him a very wary look, not so much wary of him as wary of what he's saying and whether or not he's telling the truth* Care to add anything to that?

Caleb: I took care of it?

Pogue: *sinks back into his bed and continues to eye him for a bit* Chase...?

Caleb: *small smile* He's gone.

Pogue: Gone, gone, or dead, gone?

Caleb: *frowns* I don't know. There wasn't a body, but...he sort of...exploded and disappeared.

Pogue: Huh... *leans back, sighs slightly* Maybe he won't come back for a year or so. All four of us should be able to kick his ass before he starts his fun and games.

Caleb: Or maybe he's gone...*shrugs* I don't know. But all the spells were reversed.

Pogue: Good. *sighs, closing his eyes* Real good.

Caleb: *watching him closely* You feeling better? He said he used on you, too, not just the girls...

Pogue: A little... *opens his eyes* He beat me up, he didn't attack me with disease or spiders. I don't get a magic bullet cure.

Caleb: *looking at his hands* He said...he said you'd die with them.

Pogue: He lied. *too calm for the sudden panic in his eyes*

Caleb: I don't think so.

Pogue: *looks down, quiet* *smiles slightly* Hey, she was here.

Caleb: *looks up* Yeah?

Pogue: *points down with a vague gesture of his hand* 's the old bike blanket I gave her last winter.

Caleb: *grins* That's real good.

Pogue: *soft smile* Yeah...

Caleb: You need anything?

Pogue: I think I'm good. *crooked smile* I need to get out of this damn hospital.

Caleb: Soon. *crooked smile* Or tonight.

Pogue: *slight grin* You think so?

Caleb: Yeah...*scoots a little closer* Just hold still.. *places his hand on the side of Pogue's head, concentrating, working to heal the head injury first, then sliding gently down to his ribs*

Pogue: *blinks a second, then starts to squirm, realizing what he's doing* Caleb... *warning and alarmed all at once*

Caleb: It's fine...*eyes black when he opens them, frowning at the ribs* Hold still.

Pogue: *doesn't have too much choice, too weak to move much, but is starting to glare at him and thinking seriously about knocking him across the room*

Caleb: *feels the ribs knit back properly, then down to his hand, fingers curling around his and power flowing into him*

Pogue: *fingers curling tight around his as soon as his hand's healed* Caleb, stop. You shouldn't be doing this...

Caleb: *scowls, but doesn't stop 'til all his injuries are healed, eyes shifting back to normal*

Pogue: *sits up, calmly pulls out the IV and swings his legs out of bed, then looks up, eyes black, and puts Caleb against the wall* What the hell did you do that for?!

Caleb: *winces, just a bit, but doesn't lash back, beyond pushing Pogue's power back almost gently to stand free of it* Because you were hurt because of me.

Pogue: *eyes still black, doesn't push back* I wasn't dying. I wasn't even that badly hurt. You didn't have to do that, not now, not after...

Caleb: You were hurt a lot more badly than you let on.

Pogue: *tilts his head* Guess that makes two of us with secrets.

Caleb: Secrets?

Pogue: *eyes clearing* Something happened at the barn. Something that helped you beat Chase. You could never have taken him, no offense Caleb, but maybe not even Ascended.

Caleb: *slight smile* Lose track of your days?

Pogue: What happened, Caleb.

Caleb: I Ascended.

Pogue: *makes a 'go on' gesture*

Caleb: Not here.

Pogue: *nods slightly, sighs* Guess I'd better go discharge myself.

Caleb: Might be a good idea.

Pogue: *grabs blanket, bear, and magazines with a small smile, heads to the front desk*

Caleb: *glances around the room, nods a little, and follows him*

Pogue: *argues with the desk clerk for a bit before checking himself out, just going straight out and not bothering to call anyone for some clothes that aren't pajamas. well, sweats* Can you give me a lift home?

Caleb: Car's this way...*jerk of his head when he catches up, toward parking lot*

Pogue: *follows, stuff in a paper sack*

Caleb: Back to the dorm, or home-home?

Pogue: *slight shrug, wry smile* back to the dorm

Caleb: Cool. *unlocks the door, scowling at a crack he missed in the driver's side window, fixing it as he gets in*

Pogue: Caleb... *getting in the passenger side too*

Caleb: What? It's nothing...

Pogue: *just gives him a half-worried half-wary glance before sliding in and tossing his bag of stuff in the back*

Caleb: *waits for him to buckle himself in, then takes off*

Pogue: *stares out the window, thinking, wondering, and worrying*

Caleb: *glances at him, frowning a bit* It's fine. At least for now, and even if...*shakes his head* I won't let him hurt you guys again.

Pogue: *glances over at him, eyebrows shooting up* Even if...? Yeah, and what happens to you while you're busy defending the rest of us. *a bit angry that Caleb thinks they need defending*

Caleb: Nothing's going to happen to me.

Pogue: *turns back to looking out the window, hand curled slightly and one knuckle pressed to his mouth, angry*

Caleb: *drives away from the school, to the top of the cliff they flew the car over just a couple of weeks ago, stopping there and looking out for a minute, then hops out and perches on the hood*

Pogue: *goes out and leans against the car, next to him, just staring straight ahead*

Caleb: Chase found his birth father, after he killed his adopted parents.

Pogue: Great. Killed him, too?

Caleb: Sort of, though I think it was more of a suicide. *pauses for a moment* He willed his power to Chase.

Pogue: He... So that's where Chase got the extra... *mind whirling, slowly turning his head to look at Caleb*

Caleb: *not looking at him* He got addicted. He didn't understand, though. He thought that his father wore out because the power wore out and if he could get more, he could stay strong.

Pogue: If his father wore out because the power wore out, he wouldn't have had any to give him. Caleb, what the hell happened.

Caleb: Yeah, well. Chase wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. i tried to tell him that. But he...he wanted to wait until I Ascended, then told me if I didn't will my power to him, he'd kill Sarah. Kate. You. Reid. Tyler. Mom...everyone I care about.

Pogue: *small nod, quietly* Thanks.

Caleb: *surprised look* For what?

Pogue: *slight smile* Yeah. That's you all around. For standing up for us, man. For saving our butts.

Caleb: *wry smile* I'm...not done. I went to fight him, yeah. He kicked my ass. I Ascended. Fight got a bit more fair, but he was still a lot stronger.

Pogue: *nods slightly, listening*

Caleb: He tried to get me to will my power to him. I wasn't going to. I...*looking back at the lighthouse* I figured we were all done for. He'd kill me and then come after the rest of you.

Pogue: *quiet, watching him, listening*

Caleb: And then the skies opened up and lightning struck and there was power like nothing...it hurt as much as ascending. And then I kicked his ass.

Pogue: With the new power.

Caleb: Yeah.

Pogue: Which came from....

Caleb: *doesn't meet his eyes* My mom went to see my dad.

Pogue: Oh. *watching him*

Caleb: Yeah.

Pogue: *just watches him, listening if he needs to talk, sticking close*

Caleb: I told her not to. Didn't figure he would anyway, you know? He was a selfish bastard. And it's...he always talked about upholding the Covenant.

Pogue: It was your life. Your life or Chase's, and, hell, none of us want Chase swaggering around. *quieter* He was still your father.

Caleb: Yeah. I guess he was...

Pogue: *watching*

Caleb: *shrugs* So, yeah. It's going to be ok.

Pogue: Are you going to be okay?

Caleb: Yeah, sure.

Pogue: *turns, grabs his face gently in his hands, turns him to look at him* You sure?

Caleb: *blinks, finally looks at him* I'll be okay. It's taking some...getting used to.

Pogue: *slow nod, letting his hands drop, albeit reluctantly and suppressing some other urges Caleb doesnt' know about yet* I bet...

Caleb: I haven't told Reid and Tyler yet. *slight shake of his head* I don't think Sarah even realizes what happened. Not fully.

Pogue: How's she holding up?

Caleb: She's doing well, all things considered. Kate said she's had a few nightmares, but all things considered...

Pogue: *slight nod* And you two ... you're okay?

Caleb: *wry smile* Yeah. For some reason she doesn't hold the almost dying against me. At least not yet.

Pogue: *nods slightly, smiles, a little hopeful* Good. That's good.

Caleb: *nods, relieved smile* Yeah. And you're okay. And Kate's okay, so it turned out...the way it should. *except for his father*

Pogue: Mostly, yeah.

Caleb: *sighs, rubs the bridge of his nose* It's not like he was....there anymore.

Pogue: *almost the same tone as earlier* He was still your father.

Caleb: *nods, sighs* Yeah.

Pogue: *briefly rubbing his shoulder in a man-hug-gesture-ish-thing*
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