Nov. 3rd, 2006 08:39 pm
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Sometimes he needed to remember what it meant to breathe. Down there, on the ground, there were too many people all with the same level of concern in their eyes. The edge of fear, either for him or of him, and sometimes it didn't matter. They pressed in on all sides, and where part of him was grateful, another part wanted to lash out. His smile grew strained. He had to close his eyes to keep anyone from noticing the shift in color.

Up here there was only wind, only the restless sound of distant waves he shouldn't really have been able to hear, but could if he strained just enough. His feet shifted on the tiles, eyes darkening with power to steady his balance on the sloping roof. Even that little felt too good, too sweet singing through him, and he worked to fight it back, but when he released it, he almost fell. He finally compromised and eased down to sit on the edge, staring down at the flagstone porch below him.

He didn't think anyone would look for him up here. Pogue would probably be the only one to think about it. If his father found him...there'd be a lecture. More words surrounding him about danger and addiction, the same ones he'd had thrown at him all his life as if he didn't know. Hadn't seen what it could do. But he needed to breathe, and up here he could.

So he stayed.
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